Faculty, staff and students shall report emergencies by dialing 911.

(When using 911, the telephone number you are calling from will also appear on a computer screen in the UIPD or 911 dispatch center.)

In the event of an emergency, the University of Iowa’s Department of Public Safety has primary responsibility for immediate response, and shall cooperate and coordinate with official emergency response authorities and University Administration, in accordance with established policies and procedures.

  • The Department of Public Safety facility will serve as the Incident Command Center (ICC) for the University during the critical incident.  All outside information flows into this area and out to incident.  The Director of Public Safety or designee will contact University Administration as to the extent of damage or seriousness of the incident and recommends whether the Incident Command Center should be placed into operation.
  • The Incident Commander is in charge at the scene of the incident unless such responsibility is transferred to another unit; for example, the Fire Department in the event of a fire or Johnson County HAZMAT in the event of a chemical incident.  When the situation is brought under control, responsibility is transferred back to the University.   
  • Decisions to close and evacuate a building or to isolate an area immediately after an incident may be made by the Iowa City Fire Department, Johnson County HAZMAT Team, or the University of Iowa Department Of Public Safety, who may consult with the University’s Environmental Health and Safety Office, Facilities Management, and/or others as needed.
  • Decisions to reoccupy a building will be made by the agencies identified in the bullet above or by the Critical Incident Management Team.  The primary consideration for reoccupying, after consulting with additional resources, will be the safety of the occupants.