This manual establishes the Critical Incident Management & Continuity of Operations Plans (see Appendix A) for the University of Iowa and assigns responsibilities for the development, implementation and maintenance of the plan.

The Critical Incident Management Plan applies to all units of the University of Iowa and, as applicable, the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. This plan is the basic framework for critical incident preparedness.  It is not intended to cover every unit’s individual needs. Therefore, we encourage any unit to supplement this plan to suit their own needs while remaining in compliance with this plan.

All requests for procedural changes, suggestions, or recommendations should be submitted in writing to the Assistant Vice President and Director of Public Safety, the Vice President for Student Life, or the President.

 /s Scott Beckner
Assistant Vice President and Director of Public Safety 

 /s Thomas Rocklin
Vice President for Student Life      

 /s Bruce Harreld