Violent Incident

Violent incidents including but not limited to acts of terrorism, assaults, and incidents of workplace violence can occur on the University campus with little or no warning.  It should be noted that the following instructions are intended for incidents that are of an emergency nature (i.e., imminent or having just occurred).

Immediate Action

  • Emergency situations should be reported to law enforcement by dialing 911. When 911 is dialed, the Iowa City Police Department will receive the call and contact the University of Iowa Police using a dedicated line between the two departments if the incident is located on University property. 
  • When you dial 911, be prepared to provide as much information as possible, such as the following:
    • what is happening
    • the location
    • who is involved
    • type of weapon(s) involved, if any
    • your name and address
  • Taking the time to provide such information will not delay law enforcement response.  Complete information may allow them to handle the matter more effectively.

Decision Maker(s)

The decision to call in additional law enforcement agencies will be made by the Director of Public Safety or designee in consultation with appropriate individuals in University administration.  However, in all cases involving homicide, the State Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) will be contacted to conduct the investigation.  

Subsequent Procedures/Information

Members of the University of Iowa community can enhance the safety of all and be of assistance to the University Police and visiting law enforcement agencies by cooperating fully with instructions given by authorities.