Water Damage

Water damage may be caused by domestic water systems or by the flooding of rivers and/or streams overflowing their banks.

  • Water damage caused by domestic water or sewer systems normally doesn't endanger people but can cause extensive damage to the building and equipment.
  • Floods caused by overflow of rivers and streams are extremely dangerous and may require the evacuation of buildings.

Immediate Action

  • For water damage caused by a utility system inside a building:
    • Call 335-5071 (Facilities Management Work Control Center) to report the building and room number.
    • Where possible, protect University property from all damage.
    • Facilities Management personnel will remove the water and perform building repairs.
  • For floods caused by rivers and/or streams overflowing their banks, consult the University's Flood Plan. Copies of the flood plan are available from Risk Management, Insurance, and Loss Prevention at 335-0010.


The responding Facilities Management personnel will control and make decisions at the scene. They will decide when to turn control back over to the building occupants or appropriate university personnel when outdoor areas are involved.

Decision Maker(s)

Department of Public Safety in consultation with Facilities Management personnel will make decisions regarding control and access to buildings/areas affected by water damage, and issuing or not issuing all clear for safe building/area re-entry and continued occupancy.

Subsequent Procedures/Information

In extreme cases, it may be necessary to request assistance from local, state or federal agencies. Such requests for assistance will be coordinated by the Critical Incident Management Team.